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Sunday, June 13, 2004

May 13, 2004

Today is a month since we lost you mom.

The most beautiful thing about my mom was her laughter, I cannot remember any conversation, including our last on Mother's Day, when she didn't have both of us gasping for air.

She taught me to use humor to lighten the load and that it is always best to laugh at myself than others.

She taught me that each of us is responsible for our own happiness and that the road to happiness is not always straight.

She gave me strength to endure many difficult times and I can feel her with me now.

She loved and accepted me for who I am, never criticized the paths I chose to take.

She always highlighted and nurtured the positive in those whom she cared for.

Mami's heart was pure and spiritual, a kinder more giving person I never met.

She taught me that death is a part of life and that you cannot start a life over but that you can change the way it ends, with grace.

A daughter needs a mom because without her she will have less in her life than she deserves.

Her laughter and unselfish giving love will live on in the memories and hearts of all the lives that she touched, there is a big hole in this world without her.
All my love forever.


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